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Fashion in Los Angeles: 9 Women Your Brand Should Work With Now

Fashion in Los Angeles: 9 Women Your Brand Should Work With Now

Our list of the best creative, talented, and fashionable women in Los Angeles with under 30k followers that brands should know.

Living in an endless Summer you have to get a little more creative with the fashion. You can't just layer up and show out in a knee-length camel hair coat. With this creativity also comes killers jobs, great photography, entrepreneurs; all the multi-hyphenate things you expect from Los Angeles.

This list averages 5.79% engagement per photo. Perfect to collaborate with and get the style + results. 

Let's see those micro influencers...

Below is a list of some of our favorite women spending their days in Los Angeles. They are ranked in order based on engagement rate, post reach, and following. Also, we screen for saturation of tagged brands or sponsored posts. These ladies pass with flying colors.

1. jordanrisa: Let's face it. Los Angeles can be a bit basic at times. Jordan Santos is the cure for that. She may be some of the same places and spaces as others, but her lens and style are anything but ordinary. She is tops on our list.

2. _modernfit: Michelle April Carigma is out here flexing on people. She is the opposite of a traditional fitness influencer, while still somehow focusing on fitness fashion. She leans towards streetwear staples and it makes for an amazing feed. Also, check her blog out.

3. allexphillips: Another woman who is twisting what could be the mundane into something interesting with a great perspective. The channel takes away the polish and comes out as something truly authentic. Not something trying to be 'fashion'.

4. annienguyen: We like to have the likes of an Annie Nguyen on every fashion list we do. Someone who falls more into the art direction camp from a content perspective, but shows flashes of how great their style is. She makes clothes look as good on as she does just styling them in studio.

5. scarlettroseturner: Get you a Scarlett Turner that can do both. Bouncing back between all smiles energy and rock 'n roll stoicism, we love this feed.

6. saratoufali: Sara Toufali switches back and forth between amazing interiors shots and her fashion (mainly beautiful, long, whimsical, flowy, dresses). We love the positivity and light on the feed. Catch yourself on her blog Black and Blooms.

7. alilabelle: The art director for Ban.do, Ali Labelle gives you what we would consider the most "real" look at life in Los Angeles on this feed. She doesn't try to be anything, she just has great taste. Oh yeah, and great engagement.

8. chelseaclaire: It's a vibe. Or at least, Chelsea Claire Urbano is a vibe. All polish is stripped from this channel and you get one of the coolest perspectives of the darker side of Los Angeles. We'd say work with Chelsea ASAP because she is going places. The photo below is shot in San Francisco but we mean COME ON....

9. kneeenur: Our girl Nina Dominique slips in and out of different looks and styles like it is nothing. It's something we love about her. Also, she has a following that really loves her style and engages with her, which, never hurts...

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