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11 Fashion Influencers Under 75k That You Should Work With Now

11 Fashion Influencers Under 75k That You Should Work With Now

Fashion influencers around the world who have the reach bigger brands need (with the engagement to back it up)...

When you get up into the 75k follower range there can be some problems. A lot of the time you are now being asked to pay a fee for results that you can't be sure are ever going to come. Well, we have that handled for you. The below are 10 amazing, fashionable women that not only produce amazing content, but produce great engagement.

This list has an average engagement rate of 4.1%. Killer for individuals with this size following.

And the best performing influencers are...

1. afashionnerd: The color on this channel is crazy. Amy Roiland could be shooting anywhere with the style and lens that she has adapted, but she hails from the permanent sunshine of Los Angeles and it seems to seep into her content. Check her out now, not everyone can pull this off. Also check out her A Fashion Nerd blog.

2. thefashionbum: Hailing from California as well, Alaine Kristina Limjoco blends travel, fashion, and food (well mostly ice cream) without ever really making you feel left out. Often this combo can feel unattainable, but her approach is really personal and people have responded well to that. Check out her travel blog at: The Fashion Bum

3. hannahliza: The vibe of Hannah d'Or is perfect. She never cracks a smile and it makes the channel 100x better than whatever else you have been on recently. Fashion wise she can pull anything off, but more often than not bucks general trends and does something the is unique to her personality. We love it if you can't tell. Germany is her backdrop and it proves perfectly modern and nostolgic at the same time. Look at her self titled blog here.

4. dailykongfidence: Christine Kong makes the list off the strength of her comments alone. Her audience LOVES her. And we do to. She has great content, fashion, and images on top of great engagement. Based in Southern California, she also has a blog by the same handle.

5. thedemeler: Our first from New York to make the list, Lily Montasser was worth the wait. She brings the taste and elevation that you expect from the city. She seems to have been travelling a bit, but it just makes her content all the better. Check out her blog of the same handle too.

6. alyssainthecity: Alyssa Coscarelli is the best there is when it comes to really pulling you into her life. She has a ton of personality that come through on her channel because she is willing to share anything from poses to in between and intimate moments. Also, she seems perfectly fine posting a photo without tagging brands (something this size of influnecer doesn't always do).

7. iindiefoxx: A big shout out to one of our favorite cities in the U.S., Nashiville. And a bigger shoutout to one of the best influencers and bloggers living there, Sara - aka the foxx. The confidence level is off the charts in her content. Work with her now if you want to see your clothes rocked to the fullest. Also, check her blog here.

8. elienjansen: We love Elien Jansen out of Belgium. The colors and photos just seem different there. As a photographer herself, she captures amazing photos of her surroundings and individuals. It's all to die for. Check the portfolio out here.

9. federicadelsale: Milan based Federica Delsale isn't here to play. She stares straight through the camera and you can feel her energy and connection right through the frame. A mom, a model, a triple threat.

10. loremaesen: Lore Maesen is our second on the list hailing from Belgium. She has connected with her following in a way that not many can. This backed by great confidence and fashion makes for an amazing channel.

11. joandkemp: Ummmmm #relationshipgoals exist and they are here. Jo and her husband Kemp are the cutest things ever. Also, being from Louisiana they bring a much needed southern perspective to the list. Don't sleep on this couple. Check the blog here.

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