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Best of New York: 9 Fashionable Women We Love

Best of New York: 9 Fashionable Women We Love

Our list of some of the best New York fashion micro influencers with under 30k followers.

It is one of the most competitive cities in the world, and that means the best talent shines through. The other great thing about influencers in New York is the diversity in point-of-view that you get. From business owners to college kids, transplants to life-long city dwellers, everyone has a great view of the city. 

This entire lists averages at least just under 5% engagement per photo.

Below is a list of some of our favorite women chronicling their time in New York. They are ranked in order based on engagement rate, post reach, and following. Also, we screen for saturation of tagged brands or sponsored posts. These ladies pass with flying colors.

And now, New York's best and brightest...

1. nettxyer13: Short on words may be one of the best ways to describe Kerena. Often without captions and never one for giving much context. She is wandering the streets of New York absolutely stunting on people. 

2. aretastylesecrets: Areta Chen has some mystical qualities. One - her ability to shoot interiors and exteriors. Two - getting amazing engagement on sponsored posts. Also, her ability to not post to many sponsored pieces of content. Check our her blog by the same name: Areta Style Secrets

3. cyndiramirez: The best way to describe Cyndi Ramirez would be: Riding her own wave. She's the founder of New York hot spot  (pun intended...sorry), and long time blogger. Even with all that is going on, she finds a way to have a completely unique voice and lens on social. Oh yeah, and she runs Taste The Style.

4. laurencaruso_: Lauren Caruso's channel is strangely hypnotizing. It's this relaxing and perfect color pallet with just the smallest amount of movement in photos. Somehow it just works for the whole to be greater than the parts. May be the editorial background.

5. rohsiddiqui: The confidence coming off of Rohma Ahmed is undeniable. She may focus pretty heavily on the pose over the lifestyle, but she has an audience that really looks up to her and respects her. We see why. 

6. janibellrosanne: We would be a bit surprised if you haven't run across Janibell Rosanna yet in your travels around the 'gram. She far and away has the largest engagement on the list (liable to hit 15% per photo) and the style that demands it. Hit her inbox before she gets too big.

7. runwaychef: Alyssa Ponticello got us with the name, Runway Chef. She lives up to it, she photographs food infinitely better than any of us can. Bonus points for her Summer style right now.

8. stephdraime: The fashion on Stephanie Draime is limited here, but her art direction screams taste level. Any brand who wants to get in front of the others on this list should strongly look into getting her onboard. Portfolio site here.

9. prettyproperquaint: The vibe of her channel is too fun to pass up, we had to get her on the list. Andrea is currently living her best life and blogging as Pretty Proper Quaint

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