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The Best of Amsterdam Under 10K: Women We Love

The Best of Amsterdam Under 10K: Women We Love

Micro Influencers from Amsterdam on the brink of something big...

One of the most picturesque cities in Europe. Steeped in history but fashion forward and modern at the same time, these influencers bring a little bit of everything to the table. We wanted to bring you people who haven't hit it big quite yet in the city. Below are eight great micro-influencers you should know from Amsterdam ranked in order based on following, engagement rate, and few other things.

Let's get to the influencers...

1. mirthewillemsx: Mirthe Willems is everything you want in an influencer. Awesome sense of style, authentic channel, great engagement. She's just over 10k (sorry we cheated), but not too big quite yet. 

2. sorianostyle: Listen, Irish Soriano is our guilty pleasure. No context in the photos, no over explaining. She just brings amazing streetwear looks and moments that set a great vibe. She's back and forth to Amsterdam, but suits the city well.

3. nouch_amsterdam: We are going a bit off the beaten path for this one, but local artist Nouch has such amazing illustrations that we had to get them of here. Check out the point-of-view here, really fun and complex pieces.

4. saartjebakker: There is just an air of taste that surrounds Saartje Bakker. I mean come on with some of these looks. It is elegant, it is stylish, it is a magnetic personality. She's going to be big, work with her now.

5. mandymjm: Mandy Meijer isn't going to be accessible for long. She is just starting to gain traction with her audience, and they LOVE her. Great comments, great likes. Watch out for her in the world of styling and fashion to come.

6. tessdewi: For when you need a little escapism based in the Netherlands and traveling outwards. Tess Muller will make you book a plane ticket tomorrow. 

7. stefanieladangh: As real as it gets. Stefanie Ladangh is also just taking off in her influence, but it is purely based off of her personality. She shoots moments, art, and interesting things going on around Amsterdam - nothing traditional to what influencers normally shoot. In short: she's great.

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