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Greetings From Seattle: 7 Influencers Under 20k

Greetings From Seattle: 7 Influencers Under 20k

Micro Influencers from Seattle with the best engagement around...

This city is all over the place in the best way. While you may think the PNW is full of nothing but nature photographers, influencers in Seattle span everything from food, to fashion, adventure, and yes… the occasional shots in Olympic National Forest. Below are eight great micro-influencers you should know from Seattle ranked in order based on following, engagement rate, and few other things.

Let the exploring begin...

1. karlierae: The proud owner of a ridiculously cute dog, Karlie Rae Lang has a profile full of fashion, food, and #relationshipgoals.

2. thefloralaw: Okay hear us out — she lives in Vancouver Canada but Flora seems to be down in Seattle enough to get her on the list. We know we are cheating a bit here, but between her fashion and blog of the same name (The Flora Law) we had to get her on the list.

3. danicarissa: Photographer by trade, Instagram influencer by destiny. Danielle Carissa brings the moody PNW you want with amazing color and perspective choices across her feed.

4. bloggernotbillionaire: Easily our favorite handle on the list an also our favorite style. Rebecca can make shots from the floor in Nordstrom look as good as something in studio. See below for reference. With just under 8k following work with her ASAP. Oh, and check her blog by the same name.

5. the.girlish.tomboy: Not just great style, but also a unique eye. With posts at a minimum Jessie runs a really refreshing channel.

6. katiehackworth: Katie Hackworth runs a channel that looks nothing like what you are used to with “influencers”. Sure she has great interior shots, but that is mixed in with kids, normal life, art, and the occasional chicken. Trust us, it’s good and it’s authentic.

7. jennabechtholt: Our second wedding photographer to make the list. Jenna Bechtholt can make you look damn happy in a photo (and the color on her feed is just too fun for her to not make the list).

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