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Hello From Chicago: 9 People to Know Under 30k

Hello From Chicago: 9 People to Know Under 30k

Micro Influencers from Chicago that show the many sides of the city...

The Second City. The Windy City. Some third nickname that we don't know. Chicago is a town full of great culture and fashion that often gets overlooked. That's why we decided to dive in and find nine people who are doing great things in the city. The fashion, food, and captions are all on point here.

Chicago's best influencers are...

1. itskaykayleigh: So if you are following closely, you'll notice that Kayleigh Li has showed up on lists before. It's true. She was on a best of fashion list earlier this month. But we digress, she lives in Chicago, and is definitely one of the best in the city. Don't sleep on this style.

2. otheplaceswellgo: Sarah (aka "Smack") is a healthy dose of Wanderlust based in The Second City. What we love is that her feed is so organic and she doesn't try to be anything in particular but herself. Check her blog at O The Place We'll Go.

3. bubbly.moments: Keeping with the wanderlust section of the list, Emilia rarely actually seems to post from Chicago, but that is fine by us. We are too distracted by planning our next trip to Hawaii with her. She also has a blog by the same name: Bubbly Moments.

4. alialistone: Ali Stone has a killer blog named Those White Walls that focuses on her love of fashion, jewelry design, and a bunch in between. Our favorite interest of hers? Her dog. That pooch is to die for.

5. thezlist_: Like many before her on the list, Zahara Khan is fashion focused, but don't get it twisted. She's got her own look and approach to Chicago that we think is really unique. Definitely work with her soon.

6. fromuyenwithlove: Enough fashion, what about the food? Uyen Tran has us covered. Join her as she takes you around Chicago from fine dining to fast food. She has already gotten some attention from bigger brands (ummmm what's up McDonalds?) but she isn't out of reach yet.

7. somethingwhitty: Whitney Buha is just getting started. Still under 10k in her following, we feel like she is going places. We'd love to see a bit more of her perspective on the city, but she is still developing her look and in the meantime has built an awesome and engaged following. Oh, and of course, blog by the same name here.

8. dwbella: You want to talk about great engagement in Chicago? Then we need to talk about Dani. From makeup to health food and back again, her followers love hearing from her.

9. mayamazur: Another under the radar pick. Maya Mazur is just getting her following going. We love her balance of content as her personality shows through and she gives you a look into the city, not just her own life.

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