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Work With Them First: 10 Fashion Micro Influencers From Around the World (Under 30k)

Work With Them First: 10 Fashion Micro Influencers From Around the World (Under 30k)

The Best Fashion Micro Influencers (in our humble opinion)

The below influencers have under 30k followers with an average engagement rate of 6.5%.

Honestly it is easy finding influencers. There are genuinely a ton of people out there with more than 70,000 followers who you could pay to work with along with seed product. The problem is, the larger you get, the more spread out and ineffective your audience gets. There are great influencers with large followings, but often with notoriety comes the temptation to post too much sponsored content.

With that said, we helped dig up influencers with great fashion and under 30k following (okay some are just slightly over but give us a break). These are ranked in order based on engagement rate, post reach, and following.


1. itskaykayleigh: She may be based in Chicago, but the look that Kayleigh Li rocks is what you would expect from New York or Paris. She doesn't over do it on branded content or repetitive content. Get to working with her before she gets to big.

2. emlee7: The color palette here is on point. Emma Lee bounces back and forth between New York and San Francisco creating and energetic feed (without it getting too cluttered). We love what she does with food and architecture especially. 


3. theblondestories: Lara hails from Berlin and has an amazing personality that shows through in all of her photos. The style is on point and nothing is repetitive or basic. Big shout out to Lara and her blog The Blonde Stories.


4. annamaradan: Really it was Anna Maradan's use of collages that pulled us in. Here approach to fashion and photography feel really fresh, and we think it has something to do with the fact that she gets to be inspired by her home base of Switzerland everyday.

5. lisaalamode: You have to check out Lisa's blog Lisa a La Mode to really get the full scope of her wit and writing ability. It's insightful, it is funny, and it is a great compliment to the amazing look she has going on Instagram.

6. glamouraspirit: Jay Z once said that, "men lie, women lie, numbers don't". That is a perfect thing to say about Yvonna Chow and the engagement numbers she puts up. Crazy. Being Vancouver based she also gets to inject a nice dose of nature backdrops into her feed.


7. bresheppard: Just plain fun and happy. Seattle based Breanna Lynn Sheppard feels like a ray of sunshine shooting through your feed, and in fashion that is definitely a good thing.

8. thejerryheil: You most likely won't be able to read her captions, but don't let that stop you from enjoying this content from Jerry Heil based in Ukraine. There is personality for days coming through the lens.

9. foxtly: Both an illustrator and fashion-forward thinker, this channel is totally unique. Follow it now, work with her now, don't sleep on this.

10. shamelesslydia: Besides being our favorite handle on this list, Lydia Moreno from Los Angeles has the most directly useful channel. She has a heavy focus on makeup, and not just any make up, bold awesome looking makeup. Check her out now.

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