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10 Mommy Micro Influencers We Love (Under 30k)

10 Mommy Micro Influencers We Love (Under 30k)

Mommy bloggers. Mommy micro influencers. However you say it, these are the best ones.

The below influencers have under 30k followers (at the time we found them) with an average engagement rate of 6.4%.

Mama Influencers. Parent Influencers. Mommy Influencers (mommy bloggers). Whatever you want to label them as, they are a force to be reckoned with. We love them because they always seem to be the most genuine and open. Oh yeah, and the super cute kids. It is easy for them to go to heavy on photos of just the #littles or too many sponsored posts; so we did the work of finding you some that don't.

Below are our favorite mommy influencers with under 30k following for the month of August. These are ranked in order based on engagement rate, post reach, and following.

and now for the best mama micro influencers...

1. lanadmitruks: We really fell in love with the color pallet of Lana Dmituks. The warm tones and full images really pull you in to explore everything that is going on. Based in Seattle, don't asume this is typical PNW content, what she shoots is great. 

2. cosmic.american: Get this, Geneva lives in Joshua Tree. That is amazing. The other blogger you follow posts content like hers on their annual trip to Palm Springs. But Geneva lives it. Start reaching out to her before she blows up too much and check out her blog of the same name: Cosmic Americana.

3. mo_meg: For the third spot on the list we head down south to Houston Texas to meet mommy / beauty blogger hybrid Meg O. Unlike a lot of others in this category, she does a ton of video and it makes the content all the better. Check her blog Meg O On The Go to learn about why she hates popsicle sticks.

4. mamamargaritha: Based in the Netherlands, Margaritha has an absolutely gorgeous feed and amazing engaement. With three kids to her name, we don't know where she finds the energy to do it, but more power to her. Like any good influencer, she has a blog that matches her handle at Mama Margaritha.

5. dear_franny: When we found Rachel we labeled her as "classic". That may be doing her a bit of disservice because she shoots in such an amazing way, but you can help but feel nostalgic when you look at the feed on this Nashville based mama. Oh yeah, and she has another baby on the way.

6. danetab: Daneta Budalich hails from Toronto. Her content is crystal clear, the feed is clean, and the vibe is right (much like the city she lives in). She has two littles a few years apart, so reach out to her about babies or toddlers.

7. aenny04: Aenny Chung shoots beautiful content of her baby, her dog, and the city of Charleston. You don't need to know more than that to know that you'll love her. Like a few others on the list, she has another baby on the way and a blog you should be checking out called Yours Truly Aenny.

8. sarahholstrom: We label Sarah Holstrom with top #familygoals of the list. It's literaly too cute for words. Go look at her feed. We'll just shut up. 

9. calicurls: Cute baby. Check. Cool hair. Check. We love the blend of tutorials and mama content that we are getting here. 

10. mrs.happygilmore: Kristie Gilmore is holding it down for the east coast moms. Based in Boston, she has one #little to share a ton of adventures with. At just under 15k followers, she is a great person to work with asap.

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