October / U.S. Lifestyle 100 Under 30k

October / U.S. Lifestyle 100 Under 30k


We've done all the work for you.

We dissect over 100,000 Instagram microinfluencers each month, assessing and ranking those with the most engaged following. We then categorize these creatives for you (specs below), and hand select only the best in our lists.

It isn't about getting big influencers for your brand - that can be a huge waste of money. It’s about getting the most dope influencers to get the most bang for your buck, and start seeing that ROI.

This list of Instagram influencers includes:

  • 100 top lifestyle influencers (female and male) in the U.S.
  • Contact information
  • Sociologee Score

This list contains 100 of October's best influencers in the lifestyle space, all based in the U.S with under 30k followers.

Each list includes influencer's handle, Sociologee Score (based on our algorithm), location, gender, and email address. A few select influencers accept direct messages only.

Under 30k following as of October 1st, 2017.

Want something more specific? Just ask. 

List delivered as an Excel file. Perfect for the data nerd in all of us to start tracking responses.

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The Sociologee Score each influencer receives is on a scale of 0-75. It takes a few different statistics into account that look at how saturated the influencer is, how effective they are at communicating, their estimated impressions, and a few other things that make up the secret sauce. We think it is a great way to make sure the cream rises to the top. 

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