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Foodies: 12 Mouth-Watering Accounts You Should Know Under 30K

Foodies: 12 Mouth-Watering Accounts You Should Know Under 30K

Food porn, food stylish, foodie, whatever you call it...

Looking at micro influencers in the food space is always interesting. While at one point it just meant "people who go to restaurants a lot", it now includes food stylists, chefs, health junkies and beyond. If you are looking for someone who specializes in making your stomach growl, any of the below will do just fine.

The best thing about the food community is the fact that it is global. Half of the below are based internationally, the other half in the US.

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The top food micro influencers are...

1. paulpayasalad: Paul is based in Sydney Australia and represents food excess in the best way. This guy is living (and eating) in community. Come hungry.

2. thinkofadream_2: Every List we do there is one person that completely amazes us. This account is that. Do we have a name, country, location for her? No. Somewhere is Asia. But DM her and work with her ASAP. This content is incredible.

3. boxofspice: Rakhee Tadav is a next level food stylist. Hailing from India but based in the Netherlands, she is one of the best doing it on Instagram right now.

4. sprinkle_of_green: A trip to London with Teffy Perk. A great blend of health food and fitness. But really it is the 5-minute poké bowl that got us.

5. ms.mariani: If there is anything that you learn from curating a site like this, it is that Ukraine is a serious player when it comes to great content. We had Marianna labeled as the food layflat queen. We know you'll feel the same.

*late breakfast club🐶 можно я выложу фото завтрака вечером и признаюсь вам, что наше утро началось в два часа дня? город завалило снегом, мы c @recklesstonight любуемся снежными пёрышками, пролетающими за запотевшим окном, и объявляем этот день уютно-ленивым. кушаем хлопья в постели, мягкой зефиркой сливаемся с пледом и подушкой и отрываемся от сериала только ради того, чтоб заварить энную чашку терпкого черничного чая. в общем, наслаждаемся этим островком спокойствия и уюта посреди бурного потока насыщенных дней - нескольких часов съёмок в красном платье, на морозе с обнаженными плечами, итальянского ланча с пастой и пиццей, приправленной новыми знакомствами, и небольшого путешествия в Нарнию. а в планах ещё день в кинотеатре - два фильма подряд и огромное ведро попкорна - заманчиво,м? желаю вам такого же уютного вечера и лучшего друга рядом, чтоб делить все-все меджик моментс💫 пойдём сейчас, что ли, какао приготовим☕️

6. ibitefood: Two things: New York / Food Porn. Enough said. Also, an ungodly amount of avocado.

7. andrew.dreamer: Moscow based Andrew Opanasyuk really got us with his color palette. He has a great eye for styling and a warmth that makes him hard not to like.

8. dadaeats: Label Samah Dada under "Food that looks really unhealthy, done in a healthy way, that still isn't really health food". Confused? Just know she is responsible for eating half of the peanut butter sold in New York.

9. chowdownusa: A quick jump to Boston to meet Chelsea. As much focused on fashion as she is on food, if you are headed to the East Coast - consult her for where to find the best spots.

10. liviabass: We may be stretching a bit for Livia Bass. She doesn't fully focus on food, but we think she does a great job of showing off what Sweden has to offer from a culinary perspective. She has a health tilt as well.

11. darynakossar: Another absolutely astounding talent. Daryna Kossar is an amazing talent creating works of art with food.

12. straightupbananas: Sometimes all you want is a little consistency. Ahlam gives that to you. Dubai based and well travelled, her simple approach to cooking at home is a sight for sore eyes.

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