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Modern Cannabis: 5 Microinfluencers for the New Age of Health

Modern Cannabis: 5 Microinfluencers for the New Age of Health

It isn't easy to speak to the cannabis curious ...

We get it. The brand you are starting is different. It's well branded, it is health and active focused. It is nothing like the heritage brands that brought so much stigma to the industry. We've traded out the word weed for cannabis, and ornate glass pieces for micro-dosing pens.

To succeed though, you need to appeal to the creatives, the patient, and those curious but never enough to commit to trying cannabis before. And though we are well into the modern age of cannabis being widely accepted in social circles, for some reason there is still difficulty finding influencers who are willing to talk about there use of the product. Especially ones that comes from fashion, travel, food, fitness, etc, all with crossover appeal. Fear not though, we have done the leg work for you

Keep reading to see five influencers that we love, who are more than willing to try and talk about brands in the cannabis space. Want more? Talk to us here

The top microinfluencers for modern cannabis...

1. punodostres: Los Angeles based creative (this is a huge undersell of her talents) Puno has founded multiple companies, is in the midst of producing a calendar featuring her cat, and still finds time to share some of her favorite cannabis products. Check out her feed and talk with her about trying out your product (or giving your brand a facelift for that matter). 

2. benmedansky: Okay so he is involved in the space a bit (he makes beautiful ceramic pipes you can see here) but Ben Medansky is one of our favorite people in the new age of cannabis. His craft is top notch and his social media is just as good. Ben lives and works in Los Angeles.

3. kimberlykamish: Travel, fashion, food - what more could you want from Kimberly Kamish? From the beaches of Tulum to Los Angeles and beyond - this channel has a bit of everything (yes - cannabis too). 

4. richardpodjr: We had to give you something a bit left of center. Richard Podgurski is an awesome photographer from the South Bay who moonlights shooting product photos for a channel devoted entirely to cannabis. See? A little something for everyone. 

5. amandabjorn: Rounding out the list with another amazing photographer - Amanda Bjorn spends time going back and forth to Cuba leading photo and art tours. While she spends the majority of her time in California - she gets around the globe enough to make you jealous. Her work obsesses on portraits, half of which feature people smoking. We promise it's never looked so cool.

Need to find more influencers to speak to the cannabis curious? Get in touch with us here...

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