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For the Love of Coffee: 10 Influencers Killing the Caffeine Game

For the Love of Coffee: 10 Influencers Killing the Caffeine Game

There are all types of coffee influencers, let's explore...

From people who shoot #dailycortados to those who make interiors look stunning, coffee influencers and coffee itself are an instrumental prop in the influencer land scape. Let's look at 10 people doing it right across the board. The below are 10 amazing, well caffeinated influencers that not only produce amazing content, but produce great engagement.

This list has an average engagement rate of 4.1%..

And the best performing influencers are...

1. byanjaroos: Our first content creator on the list hails from the Netherlands. Anja Roos is the perfect mix of latte shots, interiors, and city context. We can't speak highly enough of this photographer about to pop off.

2. dancartertc: Coffee with a side of travel and #adventure. Dan Carter is getting absolutely crazy engagement on everything he posts, including his amazing travel pour-overs. Drink it in over at his blog Dan Carter Now.

3. gk.living: Ghaleb Kayali is a man of many talents. Not only is he a dancer in the NYC ballet, but he also is an amazing content creator. We'd say he isn't focused so much on individual coffee brands, but more on gorgeously framed photos.

4. didieryhc: Another amazing content creator, but this time from Canada. Didier Young has an amazing eye for photography, and doesn't pigeonhole himself in any one category. From coffee, to fashion, to tennis; we love this channel. Also check his blog here.

5. barista_rpgplayers: This is for professionals only. Jeffery Johnston is not here to mess around. An American based in Melbourne, he does absolutely amazing latte art with even better video of the individual pours. It is messy, it is saturated, and it is incredibly fun to watch.

6. ninjanellephant: Another interiors photographer. Based in New York, Janelle Phant has an eye for phtography that we are very jealous of. Again, she isn't brand based as much as she is cafe based, but we are okay with that.

7. koko_secretrainbowpath: Full-disclosure: we have no idea what is going on in this feed. All we know is that Koko is based in Japan, and that she makes content that you could only dream of making. You go Koko.

8. coffeeandcardio: There is nothing we want to do less after drinking coffee than a workout. That is why we respect Los Angeles based Maggie and her commitment to not only caffeine, but also fitness. Don't stop. We will be over here.... pretending to be fit too.

9. indaheart: What can we say? Los Angeles is good at coffee. Crazy enough though, Indah Nur is tops at coffee and fashion. We are going to stop talking here, because you just need to go look at her channel now. Or her blog

10. ss0522: We end back in New York City with Shelley. Another content creator killing the interiors game in a city with limitless coffee stops and shops. She has this "busy" aestetic that others would shy away from, but she makes it amazing.

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