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10 Inspiring Travel Micro Influencers to Follow (Under 30k)

10 Inspiring Travel Micro Influencers to Follow (Under 30k)

Our favorite (and the best) travel micro influencers on Instagram.

The below influencers have under 30k followers (at the time we found them) with an average engagement rate of 8.0%. That cray y'all.

Be warned: the wanderlust that is to follow is intense, real, and will make you feel like you need to book a plane ticket in the next 10-minutes. Have some self-control though, just flip through these channels and get inspired.

Below are our favorite travel influencers with under 30k following. These are ranked in order based on engagement rate, post reach, and following. Also, they are all vagabonds so we didn't bother trying to list their home city.

And now for the influencers...

1. vassia_kostara: She has her own line of clothing and blog that share her name: Vassia Kostara. Lots of swim and Europe on her channel, and we are totally fine with that.

2. saltyluxe: If her living in Australia wasn't enough to inspire the travel bug in you, Sarah's time spent around Asia and other exotic destinations are. Enjoy the endless summer that is her feed, as well as her travel guide heavy blog Salty Luxe.

3. kiwisoffcourse: Potentially our favorite channel in the list, we love the duo of Bianca an Brett. They caught the travel bug themselves and then set out around the world. See? Travel bloggers, they are just like us. They have a very thorough blog you should read named Kiwis of Course.

4. zorymory: Okay hear us out. Zornitsa Shahanska doesn't have the frequent flier miles of some of the others on this list, but the colors on her feed make her content to die for. Her eye for photography is the best out there. Work with her ASAP. Oh yeah, and check the blog: Zory Mory.

5. kris_the_cat: Unadulterated wanderlust. Plain and simple. Kris uses rich textures and colors to suck you in and keep you scrolling. 

🍊🌿 "a healthy outside starts from the inside." πŸ₯•πŸƒ Health plays a very important role in my life because I know what it's like to lose my health. Going vegan almost 3 years ago has been the number one game changer for me and I couldn't be more grateful to have found a lifestyle that keeps me healthy and happy. I try to eat pretty healthy in general (apart from my sweet tooth - but it's all about balance, right?🍫) and I also make sure to consume enough vitamins and minerals during the day. I've been drinking @lavita_de for a few months now and I love it. It contains basically everything you need and apart from that it tastes delicious #winwin I highly recommend giving it a try, especially to stay healthy in the cold winter months. β„πŸŒ¬β„ Treating my body right is part of my self-love journey. Fueling my cells means that I'm showing respect to myself. I can't be happy when I only eat crap and expect my body to somehow deal with processed products that have nothing to do with real food anymore. What is real food? Food that grows naturally from the Earth. I'd like to encourage you to make better choices - I'll promise you will feel amazing. β˜ΊπŸ™ I've never regretted eating healthy. My body has been thanking me so much - I dont have any health problems anymore, I never get sick, my energy level is crazy high and my strength is improving continuously. I hope this motivates you a little to make healthier choices and eat more plants.🌿❀ #meinlavita #healthiswealth #bethechange #vegan

6. prishella: Another traveller who may not have the pure wanderlust, but has the style and wit to compensate. Prishella is our girl. We love her look and her home based in the Netherlands.

7. mytravel_togo: The first solo male on our list, Alexey Wind focuses more on the photography aspect than the travel. Check out his lens and POV, you'll dig it. 

8. wanderwithjo: We don't know how to get on a permanent vacation like Jyotsna Ramani, but at least she is sharing her's with us. Check out the blog she has as well at Wander With Jo.

9. tzibirita: A lot of travel, and a lot of fashion. We'd say the best style on the list.

10. laurencrowe88: We love Lauren Crowe. The engagement is off the charts just like her style. Work with her ASAP because she is going to blow up soon. Also props to her for having a blog that is just her name: visit Lauren Crowe. That's how you make a personal brand the right way.

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