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Foodie Micro Influencers to Make Your Mouth Water (Under 30k)

Foodie Micro Influencers to Make Your Mouth Water (Under 30k)

Food micro influencers who will make you quit your diet.

Warning: The below is going to make you super hungry. Also, these influencers have under 30k followers (at the time we found them) with an average engagement rate of 6.37% - the perfect time for brands to partner up. 

We wanted to bring you some of our favorite foodie bloggers / influencers from around the world. These are ranked in order based on engagement rate, post reach, and following.

And now, some of the best food influencers on Instagram...

1. _rufius: Maybe you were already hip to this thanks to Anthony Bourdain, or maybe you weren't, but Moscow has a great food scene. Leave it to Ksenia Zhiltsova to take you around. Her engagement rate is crazy, but her content is even better.

2. officiallyefrain: If you are reading this, don't get mad at us Efrain Bueres. We were torn on if we should put you in food or fashion, but your merchandizing is just too good. The color pallet is also amazing so that really pushed it over the edge into something amazing. One of our favorite things about Efrain is how little he posts, it makes it all the more special.

3. brayanmess: Brayan Mesa's interiors are as good as hit shots of food. Don't take our word for it though, make sure you visit his channel. It's going to be in the dictionary next to "elevated". Brayan is based in Boston, but don't expect too much Sam Adams or Italian meals in the North End.

4. thefitforkfeed: Lindsay is another influencer in this category who dances on a line between two different things. She is all the way on the health end of foodie. We don't mind it though (something to balance all these donuts across the 'gram). She has a great blog called The Fit Fork Feed (naturally) and a really interesting eye when it comes to her photography. She's also our first Los Angeles based influencer on the list.

5. _littlemissfoodie: Lara has this authentic quality to her feed and a bunch of photos of toast that just pulled us in. Cooking our of New Jersey, she already has her sponsored post game on lock, but she's pulling down engagement for those brands just as well as her non-branded posts. Bravo.

H E L L O T H E R E 👋🏽 With lots of new followers and really fun things coming up for @_littlemissfoodie, its time for me to reintroduce myself! 📸: @marys2sense @labonnemaison * * My name is Lara and I'm 26 years old living in New Jersey. I grew up with 2 brothers, 1 older and 1 is my twin, and a mini goldendoodle. I grew up in a very healthy and active household: I played soccer, softball, basketball, tennis, gymnastics and track, then came home every night to a homecooked meal with my family around the table. I am very fortunate to have experienced this! I went to the University of Scranton where I received my BS in Early and Primary Education. I now teach first grade in NJ. In the past 5 years, my passion for food, health and wellness has trumped all. My goal is to help others understand how SIMPLE a healthy lifestyle can be, and how delicious a healthy diet can be. I do this by creating simple, healthier renditions of my favorites. Some of my favorite foods are peanut butter, eggs, butternut squash, french fries and meatballs. Theres nothing I won't eat or try... for the most part! I don't follow a specific fitness plan - I like running, spin, weights, barre and yoga. I do the workout that I feel like doing at the time. While I do not follow any specific diet, I am allergic to garlic so you will not find it in any of my recipes. I love being busy, traveling, spending time with family and friends, cooking and baking, hiking, shopping.. but Im learning to relax more 😊 I am looking forward to continuing this little path I am on and bringing you all along! However, I am not educated or certified in the health or wellness field to offer advice. I just enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gained. 🧡

6. lisamyaf: So, vegan good (hear us out)... that's looks as delicious as whatever you are already following on your feed. We kid you not. Go, now, look for yourself. Lisa Myaf cooks out of San Francisco and does vegans everywhere proud.

7. spoonfulofsisters: This may be our favorite account on the list. Three sisters based out of Perth and Melbourne Australia - eating and blogging up a storm. The content is fantastic both on the Instagram feed and on their blog of the same name: Spoonful Of Sisters.

8. vickiima: Vickii Ma shoots a ton of things that you haven't seen on your feed before. We thing being based in Singapore helps with that a bit. Either way, we (and her followers) love it. Also check out her self titled blog: Vickii Ma.

9. _twolittlebears: Track with us here: med school student, mother, runner, food lover. An amazing mix with a channel that is stylized perfectly. Also, another Los Angeles based foodie to round out our list.

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