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Don't Sleep on Denver: 7 Micro Influencers to Know

Don't Sleep on Denver: 7 Micro Influencers to Know

The Best Influencers in the Mile-High city...

While Denver does excel when it comes to influencers who #adventure, they have no shortage of fashion or content creators either. Let’s look at some of the best up and comers with under 20k followers and engagement rates over 4%. These are ranked in order based on engagement rate, post reach, and following.

#OutThere Influencers...

1. kellycalvillo: Let’s start with a healthy dose of adventure. Kelly Calvillo is #outthere not only in Denver but also abroad (most recently Norway). She has a great eye with the camera and fashion sense to boot. Also — a ridiculous engagement rate (like sometimes over 10% ridiculous).

2. rick.holladay: Now take everything about the outdoors and lip it on its head. Rick Holladay takes amazing portraits in the wild and keeps it light on brand integrations. Definitely a good combination.

Fashion Influencers

3. stylemeblonde: Another mom out there putting up numbers engagement wise. Megan hails from Denver — and with two kids there is no shortness of cuteness on her feed.

4. feelinhaute: A Colorado native, Alex is still based in Denver and has been quietly building a solid following over the past year. Mostly fashion with a bit of travel, keep an eye on her and her blog Feelin Haute.

5. ashlin.veselka: For living in Denver Ashlin Veselka sure seems to be at the beach a lot. Regardless, she has built a nice little following without letting her engagement get away. A fun mix of wanderlust, fashion, and inspiration — we think this influence thing is going to work out for her.

Content Creators

6. zach.hagy: Let’s call it abstract-collage photo art? We aren’t exactly sure how to classify it, but it is awesome. Let’s get trippy.

7. melsuch: Mel Suchowolec is about to take off. The content is a perfect blend between outdoors, abstract, portraiture, and social-friendly. You can also see expanded versions of her work at her portfolio site By Mel.

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